Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Welcome to video

I am going to start posting in a video....
Take a look


Cupcake Delivery

282lbs and 44.22 BMI

Cabbage & Turkey in a tortilla

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Round 2... NOT!

Sunday I was not feeling well at all... I had a bad headache all day and didn't get up to go to the gym. That was a day lost!!!

Guess who joined me in the gym Monday night FINALLY!!

My MOTHER!!! I have been asking her to come with me to the gym and she has been postponing it for the longest... So I was real happy to have her with me!

I felt the burn tonight!!! That elliptical is NO JOKE! I am upset I didnt get to take a pic of my workout summary but you see the sweat!

I have been thinking and figured I'd add a punishment to this journey of mine. So you know how I'm doing the whole no/low carb? Well if I go crazy on a day and pass my limit of 20-30 net carbs.. I will have to go to the gym that night. That being said I am gonna kick it up a notch with my eating where I shouldn't have to go crazy in the gym and exhaust myself. The weight should just drop off by the way I eat. I have done a lot of research thus far and seen success stories also back when I did something like this a few years ago. PROTEIN & VEGGIES

With that being said, Wednesday I did bad and went out to eat for breakfast.. I had eggs, sausages patties, gravy and a english muffin. Dinner I had steak and broccoli.

****** Wasn't able to finish this post******

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Square 1

I'm going to chime you in on whats been happening...

I was in the gym at least 3-4 times a week the last couple of weeks in Jan. I was also on my no carbs which I lost 7 in a week in a half that I was strict with both exercise & eating. I was excited and that kept me motivated until I went up to NYC for 2wks. 

So let me tell you the #'s.. I started at 294 in Jan... lost the 7lbs which took me to 287. 
The week before I left for NY.. I fell off and gained 3lbs. So when I went to NY my last weigh in was 290.
While there... I ate horrible.. Ice cream, cookies, muffins, pasta, bread etc.. you name it I probably ate it.. well not really. 
Shrimp & Grits
Plantain Chips & Guac
I did really enjoy my stay but I was still cautious of how much I ate...
Frozen Margarita
There was no gym involved which I did actually look into getting a week pass at my cousins gym. FAIL! I also thought about walking my sister & cousins dog. FAIL! It snowed and was below zero out there. I've been away for almost 10 years.. not use to that anymore.
Now fast forward to now.. back home in GA... I went to the gym and was scared to get on that scale to see the damage I put back on my body. I couldn't even do my hour on the elliptical.. I managed to do 43mins... plus there was this cute guy that distracted me...
When I stepped foot on that scale it read... 285! I had to step off reset it and try again. That bad boy read 285. 
So not only did I somehow lose 5lbs.. but I'm smaller than my last lowest #.
You know I am on top of the world.. plus I just got my cycle. #WINNING